Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lavender mochi?

Normally I'm a big advocate of using lavender as a flavouring - lavender shortbread, lavender icecream, lavender custard slices, lavender syrup, even savoury dishes, the possibilities abound. But when it came to these lavender-flavoured mochi that I picked up from an Asian supermarket on William Street this afternoon I started thinking that at times its best to stick with tradition.

I think the main problem was that these mochi simply weren't sweet enough to balance out the pungent herbal taste taste of the lavender, and the result was that the whole chewy morsel was quite bitter with a strong and flowery aftertaste that I had to brush my teeth vigorously to eliminate.

The mochi also came in 'camomile' flavour, however after after the lavender this is something I won't be rushing to try anytime soon.


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