Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rochelle Adonis

I visited the new (ish) Rochelle Adonis cake shop on Brisbane Street, Northbridge this afternoon for a post-lunch, pre-shopping sugar fix. As you can see from the photos I took, Rochelle Adonis nougat is distinctly creamy in colour, rather than the artic white of almost every other kind of nougat I've had, or made.

After tasting a piece I realise just why this might be - the nougat seems to be honey-based. It is also quite dense, crumbly, and deceptively grainy in texture, while not being overly sweet.

Biting into the confection however is a bit like sinking your teeth into a bag of dried potpourri - there is a whiff of rose petals and a slight crunch of dried leaves before the fruit, nuts and honey finally take over.


Blogger Matt at Abstract Gourmet said...


Nice blog you got here, great photos too :) And if I'm not mistaken you look kinda familiar, in a Perth is a small place kind of way...

I keep meaning to stop by and visit Rochelle after meeting her at a Slow Food event recently, but after reading this I'll try harder.


6:02 AM  

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