Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cinnamon Orange Palmiers

In the realm of baking, palmiers fit somewhere between a pastry and a most delicate cookie with a crisp and flaky texture that quickly dissolves into a general sweetness. In order to eat a palmier I usually start at the tip of the pointy heart, then work around in a circular motion, unravelling the fragile layers of pastry with oh so tiny nibbles.

Lately, rather than wandering down and picking a few up from Soto or one of the asian bakeries on William Street, I've started baking them myself.

These are the first flavoured ones I've tried, although I've considered a variety of other flavours - vanilla, rosewater, cardamon, rosemary- that I may attempt on a future rainy afternoon.


Blogger buitek said...

wtf? you're fast!

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